Media and Communications Expert for Visibility on Aid Projects

Over 20 years’ progressive experience in multimedia and press networks. Owns equipment to deliver global-standard Full-HD documentaries & events coverage, certified by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU, Tier 2L) for broadcast on all European and Western HDTV stations. Delivers Real-time HD videos of events & interviews. Proven records of satisfactory and timely delivery of mass media visibility tools and contents across radio/TV, prints and internet/social media.

Works within diplomatic circles, with International Development Partners and on intervention projects & activities. Produces mass media advocacy tools, behavioural change, social mobilization and information/education campaign IEC materials.

Consults & collaborates on several UNDP, USAID, British Council/DFID, IOM, MSH, PEPFAR, FES-West Africa and EU-SIGN Communications projects.


Press/Media Visibility

Visibility Links: Has working knowledge of the Nigerian mainstream media and cordial relationships with major stakeholders in TV, radio and print press nationwide. His projects get proper visibility in the media.

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Corporate Video

Documentary and Events
High-profile interviews and global-standard documentaries. Video coverage of workshops, seminars, inspection tours. Instant HD Video. Live webcast/streaming.

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Designs & Prints

Designs & Prints

Photography, photo-story, paper & 3D illustrations, brochure, pamphlets & newsletters. Large-format banner backdrops, roll‐up banners. Web and social media imagery.

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Training & Mentoring

Currently (Mar 2014), He hosts Leadership and Youth Empowerment trainings with average of fifteen (15) multimedia experts and enthusiasts in attendance.

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Diplomatic / intervention events
He has covered several diplomatic and foreign aid / intervention events. Interviewed high-ranking diplomatic envoys and key development partners on Nigerian and West African issues. His guests and interviewees include the French Ambassador to Nigeria.
Information campaign & Advocacy tools
News coverage: TV, radio, print reporters